William is not a furniture maker. That may come as some surprise, but it’s true.
Designer ? Yes. Sculptor ? Certainly. I watched him build his first cabinet. It took him a year.
He is easily frustrated, quick to anger and insanely exacting. He bleeds on almost everything he creates.
I’ve never seen veneer work like his; it’s perfect.

He works alone, of course, reads fashion instead of design mags and worships the unexpected;
Japanese tea houses, plastic, Pygmy textiles and baseball.
His Philadelphian roots have given him an East Coast honesty and an innocent sense of romance.
He’s the only person I’ve met who isn’t intrested in dispelling the great American ideals set forth by the Founding Fathers.

He’s a gentleman, a hunk, and a fop. Buy his furniture. Buy his philosophy. Elect him President